I’ve been shooting and playing with cameras since I was 12. I was lucky that my grandfather was an avid amateur photographer. Going through some of his old film negatives  I came across a  really creative Christmas card negative and the various negatives and prints that made up the compositing pieces. It was how it was done before photoshop.  I got lucky, I inherited cameras and dark room gear. Some of the cameras were old and kind of cool, some still shot well. But most importantly I also got the clever knowledge he had acquired over the years from trial and error.

I was also lucky to have supportive parents when it came to photography. That would cart me to places to take photographs. Never mind the treks to the photography stores, and finding a way to buy me the supplies.

Currently I plan on on launching an online store of my work. Though the online store you will be able to purchase prints and clear licensing, or to just check out my work. Perhaps in the future I’ll start allowing people to book shoots with me in my copious free time. Until then there is my flickr page (link at the top too) where you can check out my latest work and some really old shots too. There is close to a thousand pictures up there.

I will also use this space for archiving my photography related rants on my bog. I’ll also probably end up putting up pics of the camera collection.

Click here to see a gallery of my pics on flickr. o